Quartz supplied by Diespeker is not the geological version, but a man-made conglomerate of quartz crystals and resin, pressed, heated and coloured to resemble a natural stone. It is non-porous, hardwearing and virtually maintenance-free, a much stronger stone than granite or marble. A wide range of colours and patterns is available. If the material is coarsely ground it produces a flecked style, whereas if the stone is finely ground it produces a smooth appearance. Due to the non-porous properties of the material, it is best used for kitchen and vanity tops, internal and external flooring, bathrooms, and outdoor furniture. The material has many beneficial properties, such as not needing to be sealed and being stand and crack resistant. The material can be quite heavy and costly but will last a lifetime. Clients are welcome to view our range of stone slabs at our London factory and showroom.