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Bringing the Alps to Kensington

The installation of a basement swimming pool and changing areas in a private dwelling for Camping Property called on Diespeker’s skills with quartzite, a material not frequently used, but one with an impressive visual impact.

The specified stone, Vals Quartzite, is quarried in the Vals Valley, south of Illanz – it was created many millions of years ago during the formation of the Alps and Diespeker’s associate in the region, Truffer Vals Quarry, has been extracting this particular stone for over 100 years.

Vals Quartzite 1

Vals Quartzite has a striking texture and grained, light grey appearance with a distinct stratification. The material is an ideal option  for floors, cladding and masonry as it is durable and weather resistant, with low water absorption. One of the most stunning of our natural stone options, Vals Quartzite has been utilised by a number of renowned architects on high profile projects including the local thermal spa in Vals.

To the creative designer, Vals Quartzite offers a fusion of the twin elements of water and stone, and is a perfect choice for swimming pools and spas.

For the Kensington project, two sides of the 13m by 4m swimming pool includes quartzite extending vertically from pool to the ceiling, creating a sensation of nature and wellbeing. Other elements of the project included changing rooms and Hammam, and Diespeker also carried out external work to terraces and balconies in limestone.

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