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Colouring up with Silo Studio

By October 11, 2016June 20th, 2019No Comments

Diespeker has supported another young design team with an interesting take on designing with natural stone and dye.

Silo Studio is a collaboration between Attua Aparicio Torinos and Oscar Lessing, who met at the Royal College of Art. Their work is based around industrial processes and materials using their own style of hands-on approach, which they call ‘handmade hi-tech’.

For this project, Attua came up with a design idea based on an enduring image from her childhood. She remembers an incident at her parents laboratory when a bottle of dye leaked over a white marble top leaving a beautiful purple stain that went all the way through the table.

She was keen to replicate the effect. On a visit to a Cararra marble quarry, she broached the question of dyeing marble, only to meet with stern resistance! However, Attua was not deterred, especially when she discovered that Greek and Roman white marble temples and statues had once been painted, not kept pure white as once thought.

Silo Studio approached Diespeker and MD John Krause was keen to help, supplying the Cararra marble to be dyed. Attua and Oscar spent a long time on research and testing, and discovering a successful method came down to trial and error. The result is a stunning and unique design that doesn’t mask but rather enhances the white marble.

Attua said: “We are not interested in making white marble look like something else. We are interested in using white marble as a background for colour without hiding it, and we are interested in the expressive potential of this technique. We want to show marble in a new light and let marble be marble.”

When John visited this year’s Decorex show, he came across the Future Heritage stand where Silo Studio was one of the designers featured. Although he didn’t know they were exhibiting, he recognised the marble and was excited by the finished designs.

The process is, of course, a trade secret and still under development, and the studio is now experimenting with different stones that John is supplying. So watch this space, as Silo Studio dyed marble tables could soon be featuring in our showroom – and you are welcome to see them when you visit!


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