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Combining magic and modernism in this contemporary kitchen

Although there often a great deal of focus on our stunning terrazzo countertops it’s also always a delight to showcase our other surface materials.

So Diespeker was pleased to be involved with the refurbishment of a historic London townhouse located within the Inkerman conservation area of Camden, contributing a striking green conglomerate kitchen and a marble shelf within the bathroom. The house was once the home of sculptor Astrid Zydower, perhaps best known for her 1984 9ft bronze statue of Orpheus, commissioned by the Earl of Harewood for the central terrace at Harewood House. The two front rooms had been converted into a spacious studio where she spent much of her time.

The refurbishment of the townhouse was managed by innovative space consultancy Space A; Amelia Hunter and Anna Drakes. Diespeker was already on the radar as part of Space A’s supplier list for more contemporary projects, and Anna met with MD John Krause to discuss the requirement.

For the north-facing kitchen Space A wanted a ‘Puck’ green, a magical, mischievous colour to reflect the quirky nature of the house, with its arched windows and cubby holes. They felt the conglomerate to be an edgy and current surface, a bright counterpoint to the serene textures of the walls in soft pink polished plaster and pale oak flooring.

The client is hugely keen on entertaining and cooking, and the kitchen is the centre-point, the heart of the house. After being shown various samples from Diespeker that matched with Space A’s mood board, she was very taken with the conglomerate.

The client visited Diespeker’s premises to pick out the actual slab, finding this to be quite an emotional experience. She noticed shapes in the conglomerate that she was drawn to, including a heart that echoes her sense of the kitchen as the heart of the home. At the same time, she picked out a pale pink marble to be used for shelving in the bathroom.

Details such as grooves were added at Diespeker’s specialist factory where state-of-the-art Italian machinery provides beautifully exact features and finishes.

As a kitchen surface conglomerate is an excellent choice. An engineered stone, made from 90% natural materials with 10% resin, it is durable, resilient and lighter to handle than full marble or granite countertops. There’s also a nod to the environment as conglomerate often uses what would other be seen as waste materials.

More about Space A

Anna and Amelia met whilst studying architecture at the Royal College of Art in London. They went on to set up spatial consultancy Space A to provide a hybrid of bespoke architectural and interior design services focusing on the human connection to home. Services range from architecture to interior decoration encompassing feasibility, concept, planning permission, historic buildings, 3D visualisations, technical design, onsite support, object procurement and interior styling.

“We ultimately think finding joy in space is personal and implementations must be flexible to fit your needs and lifestyle.”

For more information visit their website. 

Photographer Harry Crowder

All image styling by Studio Space A.

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