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Diespeker’s Birdman

We’re always very proud to report on the exploits of our Managing Director, John Krause, as he takes part in marathons and now triathlons across the world.

However, coming up from behind in the Action Man stakes is Business Development Manager, Kevin Meynard. Kevin has been selected to be part of the GB Paragliding Academy, which means he’s a future hope for the GB team.

Kevin is one of a group of 20 young pilots all hopeful of representing their country in the paragliding World Championships, European Championships and World Cup Series.

“The best way to describe a paragliding race is like a yacht race; the paragliders can take any route they like, as long as they go round the markers – but where the yachts go round buoys, paragliders use GPS enabled flight instruments to find the turnpoints.”

Paragliding to this level is an international sport, with paragliders from Europe, Japan, Korea, Brazil all vying for the top spots.

Kevin is taking part in the GB training week at the British Championships in Italy, in Gemona del Friuli, 150km from Venice in the North East. He is then hopeful for the call up to the GB squad.

“This is my 11th year as a paraglider,” Kevin tells us. “I was the youngest person ever to get my licence, which I received on my 16th birthday.”

Although Kevin, as those who work with him know, is from Switzerland, he can compete for his adopted home of Great Britain as he hasn’t competed for his country of birth.

Who knows what the future holds?  One day we might find John Krause running a marathon in Brazil, while over his head glides Kevin Meynard. Now that would be a story to tell!


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