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Ethos opts for engineered stone

Vegetarian restaurant Ethos has updated its look with engineered stone table tops supplied by Diespeker & Co.

The Eastcastle Street, W1W restaurant is dedicated to serving delicious, creative meat-free cuisine and restaurant owner Jessica Kruger is as keen to give her customers a stunning environment in which to enjoy their meals.

She had previously used black marble table tops, but wanted to avoid the problem of staining that had previously been experienced. Diespeker offered a temporary replacement for the old table tops while the new material was chosen.

The preferred option was to replace the existing tops with engineered stone (or quartz) tops with the same appearance as Nero Marquina marble – a black marble with white veins originating from Spain.

Nero Marquina is a beautiful material, but, as was the case with Ethos, marble can show stains or etching (from cleaning products or residue liquid from glasses, for example). Engineered stone table or counter tops, however, cope better with liquids like wine and juice, or dropped food, so will go on looking better for longer. The material is almost as hard as granite, resistant to heat, scratches and cuts. Its surface doesn’t absorb liquid so bacteria from spilled drinks or food isn’t a problem.

At Ethos, the Diespeker team worked quickly out of restaurant hours to install the new table tops, meaning the restaurant didn’t lose any business from its appreciative customers.

Ethos founder, Jessica Kruger said: “Our marble tops started marking almost from day one, so it’s great to finally have found a hard wearing, worry-free solution. John Krause had enormous patience and really helped us arrive at a solution with which we are delighted.”

In a busy restaurant like Ethos, a surface is needed to withstand day to day use, and an engineered stone that has the look and feel of marble, without the issues of wear and tear under restaurant conditions, proved an ideal solution.

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