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Exclusive new range of resin terrazzo

Diespeker is pleased to announce an exclusive for the start of 2020.

We’re about to unveil 10 new exciting new terrazzo designs that haven’t been seen in the UK before.

Using unusual-looking chips and stone, the new range offers a softer, more rounded look that we feel will be perfect for residential projects, with a choice of monochrome or earthy tones to create an attractive talking point.

These designs are only available in resin terrazzo, reflecting our growing emphasis on this style of terrazzo going forward. Although we are still committed to cement terrazzo, in the past few years resin has shown a number of benefits for clients, including durability, stain resistance, manoeuvrability and greater resistance to cracks and breaks.

Additionally, as a material resin is easier to work within the factory when our team is creating cut-outs and adding intricate features.

The new range is not currently available from any other supplier in the UK so if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, please get in touch and we’ll let you know when the terrazzo is available to order.


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