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Eye-catching reception desk showcases skills with marble

While Diespeker’s terrazzo has been making a huge splash in commercial and residential projects over the past few years, we do have an ongoing love affair with marble.

Marble is the foundation of our history, with our earliest work with marble mosaic in the late 1800s still in evidence in many locations, including the National Portrait Gallery, the London Coliseum and Westminster Cathedral.

More recently we have worked with marble to help create stunning interiors for shops, restrooms and offices. Check out our news feed for just some of the projects we’ve been involved with. Not forgetting that marble is, of course, often featured as chippings within both our standard and bespoke terrazzo designs.

We have noticed a resurgence in interest about marble, which is perhaps due to its timeless quality, and the sense of luxury it brings to any interior.

One particularly interesting project the Diespeker team worked on recently was a reception desk made using beautiful red Travertine marble. But while marble is often used cut to shape from a slab, instead of using the marble purely for the top, this unusual design called for marble ribs to follow the curve of the desk.

It was an intensive labour of love, as there were around 200 pieces of just 20mm width to be attached. To make this a unified and flawless feature, there was an amount of infilling with resin along with careful honing.

The team pulled out all the stops and a stunning piece of marble furniture was the result. A gorgeous piece!

If you’re interested in our range of marble you can browse here. We also have stacks of slabs available to view at our South London factory, with one-off, distinctive and luxury marbles for those looking for something extra special.

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