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Give it some grind! Ongoing investment in our machinery

We have recently invested over £40K in a high spec Duratiq floor grinding and polishing machine, which gives Diespeker the edge when working on large expanse floors.

The machine, which is produced by Swedish specialist company HTC, has a digital control panel and remote control to improve operator control and handling. Diespeker only recently purchased a smaller model from HTC, and was so impressed with its performance that the larger one was ordered.

MD John Krause said: “An important benefit for us is that this machinery has vastly improved dust control, so our operators can work in cleaner air.

“Additionally, they don’t have to vacuum dust so much between the grinding steps, making our onsite operation even more efficient.”

Weighing in at around 400kg, the grinder has a grinding pressure of up to 223kg.  Diespeker opted for the 600mm grinding width version as perfect for current project needs.

The new machine means that Diespeker is even better positioned to accept large expanse terrazzo and marble floors and is perfectly timed, as we have recently started work on a project for the residential section of the Battersea Power Station development supplying and installing 600m² terrazzo interior flooring.

In addition to the grinder, we have also invested in a crushing machine, purchased from Accurite. The crusher is the perfect tool to enable the company to make better use of off cuts and affirms Diespeker’s commitment to the environment by reducing waste. A greater variety of marble, granite and other stone off cuts can now be crushed to the right size to be added to cement for unique terrazzo finishes.


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