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Glow in the dark

Our glass has arrived from China, and is now beautifully displayed to give customers the opportunity to consider ways to use this in bespoke terrazzo designs.

Within the glass consignment, we were particularly fired up by the opportunities presented by glow in the dark chippings. The team immediately created a bespoke terrazzo design incorporating this product.

The resulting sample looks particularly striking in the daylight, but in darkness took on a completely different quality.

As well as giving unique design options for nightclubs and malls, we visualise the mix would be perfect for health and safety applications in dim or dark areas, as edging for swimming pools, ponds or lakes. There is also an opportunity to explore guidance in evacuation situations. Watch this space!

In the meantime, our new display also shows other options including shells, broken fragments and more traditional aggregate, giving just a small taste of what can be included in terrazzo for a truly unique finish.

glow in the dark

glow in the dark terrazzo



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