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Granite is great for Islington kitchen

With so many different choices available for kitchen countertops, a visit to Diespeker’s premises in South London can really help to seal the deal, as Tulin and Matthew discovered.

The couple have been busy refurbishing their terraced home in Islington. For the kitchen, Tulin and Matthew opted to work with kitchen specialists Pluck, who used their client’s sketches as the basis for the design. The result was a kitchen that really made their ideas work, including a kitchen island to help make the best use of the available space.

The cabinets have been finished in a striking combination of blues, greys and yellow to create a unique look. For the countertop, Tulin initially had her heart set on something quite dark, nothing too plain and nothing too white, while Matthew was at first ambivalent about the choice of surface.

Pluck recommended Diespeker as a good source of countertops – we’ve previously worked with them and were delighted with the recommendation.

Tulin and Matthew visited Diespeker’s premises to check out the different options. Seeing all the different products in the yard inspired Matthew to become more engaged in the process and he began making suggestions such as choosing surface that wasn’t too busy.

Together, they found their perfect countertop with an attractive Kashmir White granite (GR054) which offers a liveliness that isn’t overpowering, and which really worked with the colours of the cabinets.

Tulin explains the choice of natural stone. “We were originally thinking about a terrazzo countertop but I enjoy baking and granite seemed a better choice. The cool surface of granite is better for dough – and chocolate! Granite is also easier to maintain.”

The Diespeker team worked quickly and efficiently to make sure the countertops were the perfect fit.

“There was a slight issue with templating as the kitchen wasn’t quite ready. Sonny came back multiple times to check and remeasure and solve any problems.

“Everything for us has been a learning curve – and Diespeker was wonderful to deal with, very professional in getting the job done right first time.”

The 30mm Kashmir White granite was polished and sealed.

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