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“A Handbag?” – Terrazzo creation for luxury brand

Anyone who has ever seen The Importance of Being Earnest will remember the famous line, uttered by Lady Bracknell. The grand dame would surely utter her words in the same tone, if she saw Diespeker’s terrazzo handbag, created for a London fashion designer.

At Diespeker, we like to push the boundaries of working with terrazzo. So, when we were asked to create a solid terrazzo handbag for a London fashion designer’s first permanent retail concession at Harrods, how could we refuse?

The client specification was for a handbag that perfectly matched the designer’s signature handbag, including a strap and handles – also in terrazzo. The handbag was cast as a block in resin based terrazzo, and hand carved to the exact design.

A specific feature of the designer’s handbag range is the addition of fun charms, and the creation of the terrazzo bag had to incorporate two ‘D’ rings to support a charm chain.

At the same time, Diespeker made resin terrazzo countertops and table tops for the concession, with gold trinkets cast within the terrazzo.

Please note, we wouldn’t advise trying to carry this particular handbag from the shop floor!

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