You may be thinking about using terrazzo for a project for your home or as part of a commercial project. It’s a beautiful material and you

Here we give you a guide to the different ranges and prices of Diespeker terrazzo. There are many variables with terrazzo so this will give you an idea of what you might get your initial budget.

Our sales team will be more than happy to provide you with samples and a precise quote once you’ve chosen your favourite options. They will need to know the size of your project too.

Resin vs Cement


  • Resin terrazzo is created with a mix of marble chippings or other aggregate and water-based polyurethane resin. It is generally only for interior use. It’s much lighter than cement so is often better for countertops.


  • Cement terrazzo is the traditional style of terrazzo made by adding marble chippings or other aggregate to a cement matrix binder. It is suitable for use outside or indoors. Cement terrazzo is said to have a deeper, more natural quality.

Each of our terrazzo designs is labelled as being available in cement or resin. If there’s one you like but want it in a different base, we can match it by creating it as a bespoke product. You can read more on the pros and cons of resin or cement base in this article.

Why do different designs have different prices?

Diespeker stocks a wide range of terrazzo, some of which are rarer than others and some you won’t find anywhere else as they are exclusive to us. We have three price breaks for readymade terrazzo plus our bespoke which is always POA.

These different bands take into account the exclusivity, materials and base material of the product.


From £85 Sqm

Standard Plus

From £145 Sqm


From £295 Sqm


Bespoke terrazzo doesn’t have an off the shelf price. It is made in our factory by skilled artisan team and created to match a client’s preferences for a variety of xx such as density of chippings and mix of colours.

Every bespoke terrazzo is quoted per project. This is because each one is unique! One might have basic marble chippings whilst another might have semi-precious stones. You can learn more about the process of creating a bespoke terrazzo (and why it is a premium service) by watching this video. 


While you can purchase tiles to lay much as you would any other material, with some projects there are multiple other factors to consider when pricing.


The choice of edge will have an impact on price if additional machining is needed. There are many options, from Pencil and Bevel to Bullnose and Waterfall.

As before, price will also depend on whether you choose resin or cement.

Do you want your own installer to install your countertop, or our installation team?

Delivery costs depend on where you are. Transporting a countertop across the country can carry a high delivery cost although we will do everything to keep this reasonable for you.


There are two main types of terrazzo flooring: tiles and poured floors.


Generally our tiles are 20mm thick although there are also 12mm options. There are two standard sizes: slabs (3000x1200mm) and tiles (300x300mm). Tiles can also be cut to any specified size with a cost attached for bespoke cutting.

For tiles used on walls you will need the thinnest terrazzo tiles. These can be porcelain (10mm) or our 12mm range. Read more here

Tiles can have different surfaces including honed, brushed and polished, with honed the best for slip resistance. The finish will impact on the cost.

Price from: £85 sqm

Porcelain price from:

Poured floors

This is a specialist service and one undertaken by our specialist teams. The terrazzo is created as a wet mix (with either cement or resin) and poured onto the floor in situ. Once dried, the surface is then ground down so the pattern can reveal itself, and finally polished or honed to your desired finish. It can be one of our standard terrazzo designs or a bespoke mix created to the client specification.

Prices for a poured floor can be quite varied depending on

Price from: ?

Still confused?

You will see from this guide that it’s difficult to give an exact price as every project is different and every application and material has many different variations.


This is why we are more than happy to provide you with a quote, or several quotes giving you a variety of options.

We want our terrazzo to be perfect for your project. So get in touch by email or phone or if you can, visit our showroom where we’ll show you all the options and treat you to a cup of proper Italian coffee.

Email us sales@diespeker.co.uk

Emailing us is often the easiest way to get in contact if you already have lots of specific details decided regarding your project. The more information the better here! Feel free to include technical drawings, reference photos and details about budget. If you’ve already decided on one of our terrazzo designs thats fantastic, but if you’ve seen something you like elsewhere let us know and we can recommend something comparable!

One of our sales team will process all these details and this will allow us to send over a more specified quote to help you on your way.

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Got a quick question you need answered? Give us a call. We’re happy to share our expert knowledge of terrazzo and guide you to the right product for your project.

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If you’re really interesting in using terrazzo in your project we highly recommend visiting us in Bermondsey. This is particularly relevant if you are new to it as a material. Our showroom is filled with samples from our whole range, as well as a great number of our previous bespoke projects.

You’ll be allowed to browse the showroom or organise a consultation with one of our trusted sales advisors. We’ll do our best to make sure terrazzo is the correct choice for you before you commit to anything.