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Imagine… Marble wallpaper

The ‘Imagine Moscow’ exhibition for the new Design Museum featured ‘marble’ wallpaper created after London-based graphic design company Kellenberger-White approached Diespeker.

The company, which worked on the exhibition graphics, illustration and marketing campaign, contacted Diespeker with a request to photograph marble Albania Red. The stunning red marble offered the perfect creative for wallpaper to be used in one of the exhibition rooms.

Imagine Moscow: Architecture, Propaganda, Revolution, Design Museum, London, 2017

Eva Kellenberger explained: “Imagine Moscow is the third major exhibition for the new Design Museum (now located in west London in Holland Park close to the South Kensington Museums) marking the centenary of the Russian revolution which gave birth to the Soviet Union. Not only politically game-changing – architects, artists and designers created new ways of producing art, design, architecture and propaganda. A number of rare and historically important works of art, including paintings by Malevich, Rodchenko and El Lissitzky and Gustav Klutsis are on show.

The main challenge of the exhibition was to bring to life these six key architecture proposals – or phantoms. Their plans and elevations were reproduced, super-sized, and redrawn by Kellenberger–White. Several key motifs were extracted and used as a backdrop in this theatrical setting. A trompe l’oeil red marble wallpaper, in reference to Lenin’s Mausoleum, provides a sense of immersion in the bold architectural ideas presented in the show.”

Diespeker is always pleased to work with designers to offer support for unusual and interesting projects such as this exhibition.

Photo credit Kellenberger–White and Thomas Adank  

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