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It’s all Greek to us!

greel marble

Hot on the heels of Diespeker’s recent expansion of marble slabs kept onsite in London, the company has announced an additional focus on Greek marble.

While current stock includes a number of slabs of Greek marble, Diespeker is working closely with suppliers Acropole Marble to enhance the choice of marble available to customers even further.

A family-run business, Acropole Marble has been in the marble sector since 1977 and has built up expertise in quarrying, processing and distribution. Diespeker MD, John Krause said:

“Acropole shows a great sensitivity in following the natural patterns of the marble during processing meaning that clients can enjoy a superior finish for projects.

“With their four quarries all situated in Greece, Acropole is well positioned for a reliable supply of high quality marble.”

The quarries – Rosa Egeo, Marina Egeo, Aegean Whit and Ligurio Light – along with Acropole’s well-equipped dedicated marble factories, enable flexibility and reliability. And with their new premises in the heart of the Greek marble industry in Drama, Northern Greece, Acropole is a perfect fit for Diespeker’s expansion plans.

Greek marble varieties available from Diespeker through its association with Acropole include Thassos White, Volakas White, Imperial (or Pirgon) White, Hermes White, Hermes Silver, Silver Grey, Ionian Beige, Perlato Beige and Vera Verde. We also have a large quantity of white Pentelikon marble (featured on the Acropolis, no less) currently in stock for immediate delivery.

With Diespeker’s own factory well positioned for all cutting, grinding, polishing and detail work, this additional supply gives an even more comprehensive choice to customers.

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