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Looking our best for Bermondsey


If you’re walking in the Southwark area and happen to see Diespeker MD John looking down at you from a lamp post, you may wonder what he’s doing up there!

In fact, John was asked to pose for the picture by the South Bermondsey Partnership to help with their latest campaign highlighting the changing face of the Old Kent Road.

Working with local partners including the local authority, local people and local businesses like Diespeker, the Partnership produced individual lamp post banners celebrating the local area and the residents of important community spaces and businesses in and around the Old Kent Road.

They used images of people from all walks of life with the aim for the banners to help high street recovery and instil pride within the community. Through this collaboration the Partnership wants to speak up for the diverse communities and businesses, working with all stakeholders to make sure the changing face of the Old Kent Road benefits everyone.

Diespeker, of course, has a long presence in the area, and is a superb example of how it is totally possible to run a successful and growing business here.

The banner using John’s image shows him in front of Diespeker’s fantastic mural which was painted by street artist Lionel Stanhope to celebrate our 140th anniversary.

Photo credit: Anthony Tynan-Kelly.

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