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Marathon Man does the triple

Not content with just one race in a day, Diespeker Managing Director John Krause decided to take on three!

John started off with a 5km ‘parkrun’ on Wimbledon Common. Parkrun organises free timed runs throughout the world in parkland locations – Wimbledon Common being perfect for such an event.

John then cycled on to Ham on the River Thames, where he ran a full 26.2 mile marathon in the Thames Meander Marathon organised by Hermes Running. This scenic route takes in the Thames Path on two passes taking in the Boaters Arms and Barn Elms Rowing Club.

For his final run of the day, our tireless MD cycled back to Wimbledon to take part in his first ever event for Hercules Wimbledon Athletics Club (HWAC), a cross-country run.

Up next is John’s 125th marathon – for which he’s popping over to Queenstown, New Zealand, during a trip to Perth in Australia. As you do, John! Good luck from all of us.

John Krause HWAC

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