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‘Patterns’ for Patterns – bespoke terrazzo styles up for iconic Brighton nightclub refurbishment

Diespeker & Co worked with London interior design team Shai Akram and Andrew Haythornthwaite to create unique terrazzo for various elements of a major nightclub refurbishment.

The Escape Club in Brighton was synonymous with the 1980s electronic dance movement, being one of the first venues to bring it to the UK. Thirty years on, the club, latterly known as Audio, was sold to bar and events operator Mothership Group and given a new identity as Patterns.

Patterns bar countertop 3

While developing ideas for the club Shai and Andrew visited the Diespeker factory to see what was possible in terms of bespoke terrazzo, which he had in mind for the bar counter, table bases, and bases for the toilet cubicle dividers. Diespeker’s terrazzo expert Andy Brady talked through the process and made up some samples. As Andrew was most interested not only in mixing different types of aggregate but also different sizes, playing with scale to achieve the look he had in mind for the nightclub, he incorporated not only the specialist chippings, but also chunks of marble and other terrazzo taken from surplus slabs in Diespeker’s yard. The resulting sample provided a sound basis for Andrew to specify the final mix.

Patterns GV

For the 32 bases, all of different shapes, sizes and heights Andrew, joined by client Heather Pistor from Mothership Group, chose a more utilitarian mix. Once the mixes were agreed, the Diespeker team created the moulds for the pieces, with cutting, grinding and polishing all taking place at the Bermondsey factory. The pieces were transported to Brighton and assembled on site.

Part of the work was being carried out in the club included gutting the access to the toilets and creating a new staircase from the ground floor to the basement. While the old staircase was being removed, the original 1930s staircase was revealed and found to be made of pink terrazzo. Despite being covered over and tampered with, the terrazzo was still sound, underlining the material’s durability.

The revamped venue opened in May 2015, staying true to its roots by featuring house, techno and progressive electronic music.

Patterns bar countertop 2

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