Resin Based Terrazzo


Terrazzo as a flooring material is extremely hardwearing and easy to maintain. It is available either as a standard material, generally imported from Italy, or in a bespoke format created using traditional skills that are time consuming, but result in a unique design to the customer’s specification.

Diespeker & Co has been working with standard and bespoke terrazzo for many years with great success. More recently, however, we have introduced resin based terrazzo as an alternative solution. You can see a few samples of the unique combination of colours that can be achieved below.

Resin based terrazzo is created through a mix of inert granite aggregates and water based polyurethane resin. The product offers a seamless finish that is not prone to cracking or crazing. Although resin based terrazzo is a relatively expensive flooring specified for the more prestigious end of the flooring market, the additional cost is balanced by the durability of the surface and its easy-to-clean finish. With correct maintenance, the system should last well in excess of 25 years.

The material has been a popular option within major pharmaceutical companies and blue chip businesses requiring a hygienic manufacturing environment. Installation is as a single piece over a large area and with few if any joints, offering the major benefit of being relatively easy to keep clean. Resin based terrazzo is also a practical choice for high footfall areas including offices and entrance areas, for example in universities.

Resin based terrazzo is fast becoming a popular choice particularly for flooring. Resin based terrazzo has significant differences to standard terrazzo – it allows more movement, is less prone to cracking, resists stains and is exceptionally durable.

Please note: Resin based terrazzo samples require a £50 deposit per 300×300 tile, which will be fully refunded when the project goes through.