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Back in 2017, the Diespeker team was responsible for creating a conglomerate countertop for the Members’ Room at the V&A. The countertop featured a significant curve that tested Diespeker’s skills not just in making it, but also in transporting and installing all 15 pieces.

Although we saw the countertop during installation, we didn’t get the chance to see the finished room and the final look of the countertop. But with the V&A now open our agency account manager Lucy, who has V&A membership, dropped in for a visit to the museum and took a moment to take some photos of the installation as it is now.

Although we say it ourselves, the conglomerate counter looks fantastic. Created in CG014, it’s a grey and white surface with chunky detail and a satin finish – nice and easy to keep clean, and stain-resistant too. It looks as good as the day we installed it, as does the cladding behind.

Lucy also popped into the main restroom where we’d supplied a vanity top with splashback, apron and cladding. It all looks very start, especially with the dark stained window frames.

It’s always a pleasure to see one of our projects in use, four years after the original installation.

The V&A is a charity, and membership of the V&A costs from £70 a year. To see the Members’ Room and our countertop you’ll need to upgrade but you’ll also be able to take a guest with you to all exhibitions for £100 a year. As one of our London’s best-loved attractions, it’s got to be worth it!

Contractor: Realm Projects

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