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Seven days a week – by appointment!

In response to rapidly growing demand, Diespeker is testing out a new service to allow clients to browse available stock seven days a week.

It means that clients have more opportunity to visit our South East London premises to browse the wide range of marble, granite, terrazzo and other materials kept on-site for fast track delivery.

With over 4,000 slabs at two premises within walking distance of each other, this will be a huge help for clients preferring to view materials in person before making a decision, particularly useful when projects need a fast turnaround. Although the digital imagery available on our website provides a good guide, it will never totally rival seeing colours, patterns and idiosyncrasies of different materials for real.

The service also gives clients the opportunity to get expert advice on materials and costs at a time convenient to them.

Viewings must be arranged by appointment, but Diespeker MD John Krause says he will do his best to facilitate meetings at any time convenient to clients. This includes very early or late times – as well as Saturdays and Sundays. Weekend appointments are especially practical with the shorter winter days ahead.

John decided to introduce the service after experiencing some less than satisfactory customer service himself.

“We are always looking for ways to provide an exceptional level of service to our clients, going over and above whenever we can.

“With so many people extremely busy, we are prepared to fit around their schedule so they can visit in person without feeling stressed by time constraints.”

The service also gives the opportunity for clients to take advantage of quieter times, when the factory is closed, which can give additional peace of mind during the Covid-19 pandemic.

And it’s a top-level service as clients are more than likely to meet with John himself. “Whatever the time, I’m always happy to discuss projects over a cup of Italian coffee!”

To make an appointment, please contact our sales team:

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