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Stain Protection

Stone and terrazzo are historically susceptible to acidic food and liquids and subsequent staining.

To mitigate such staining, Diespeker treats counter tops with a specialist sealant to:

  • Protection against acids and stains
  • Resistance to contact with acids and alkaline products
  • Resistance to thermal shock
  • To get a polished or semi-polished finish

Most importantly the sealant provides a superb protective coating to terrazzo and stone without changing the appearance of the surface.

It is a combination of primer, protector and activator, applied to the terrazzo and stone either in the factory for table tops or after installation for counters.

As well as the supplier tests, Diespeker have carried out their own series of tests. 30 hours after the application of red wine and ketchup there was no evidence of staining on the terrazzo surface. The manufacturers of the coating have carried out other rigorous trials; testing to 24 hours with similar products to red wine, as well as testing to 4 hours with acidic products.

The water-based coating has been rigorously analysed to ensure it is suitable for food contact. Similarly, it has undergone tests to prove it doesn’t yellow with age or through exposure to UV.

There are sensible precautions to take after coating, including not using knives directly on the treated surface, and to reapply the coating should it become
damaged. When honed surfaces are treated it will change the appearance slightly by increasing the shine.

Terrazzo and stone should be maintained inline with our care and maintenance instructions and acidic or aggressive cleaning fluids should be avoided.

Diespeker can offer the coating to existing fitted counter tops and tables as well provide new coats for future maintenance. Treated samples are available for client to test and assess to their own satisfaction the suitability of the sealant for their requirements.

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