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Repairs & Restoration

Over the years, Diespeker & Co has created beautiful terrazzo, marble and granite flooring for many different clients. These materials are known for their durability, and we have discovered that flooring laid in the 1920s is still in situ today.

However, over many years there can be wear and tear particularly in locations attracting heavy footfall. Cracks can develop, holes may appear or the material may become discoloured. In situations like this, there is a requirement for repairs and refurbishment. With our vast experience of working with terrazzo and natural stone, we are experts at restoring terrazzo, marble and granite surfaces to their former glory.

Terrazzo is a more complicated material to repair and restore compared to other stones. Flooring laid many decades ago is often not available in standard range terrazzo. Diespeker will match floors through traditional hand-casting production. With the expertise of our onsite team, our matching skills are unrivalled, and we can produce samples quickly.

At the London Coliseum, we replaced two severely damaged treads on external stairs. This was a tricky job but we were able to match the terrazzo exactly to the extent that the repairs are not obvious, even to an experienced eye. A project at offices in New Cavendish Street required matching to existing terrazzo flooring. The success of the match meant that the client could retain the existing floor, rather than have to replace the whole surface.

We have a particularly strong track record of carrying out terrazzo repairs for British Rail concourses. There is some evidence of poor quality repairs having been made, and poor matching carried out. Diespeker is committed to carrying out the highest quality of repairs for station concourses, again using our bespoke terrazzo skills. At Charing Cross, Diespeker replaced worn terrazzo tiles, carried out repairs to the terrazzo concourse and matched existing terrazzo to additional sections of flooring created by alterations made to the original layout. We have also carried out repairs at Euston Station and Finsbury Park.

Diespeker is in the enviable position of not being tied to any one supplier for marble or granite. We are therefore able to source matches for natural stone repairs anywhere in the world. We have many reliable sources across Europe, as well as increasing connections with suppliers in Africa, South America and China.

As well as more major tasks in repair and refurbishment, we can also give terrazzo and natural stone floors some TLC to give them a new lease of life. This can be a simple chemical clean, a scrub with nylon pads, or a full regrind and repolish.

We can provide a quotation and schedule after carrying out a site visit. For a faster response, we can also respond to high-quality photographs of the work that needs to be carried out.



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