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Striking terrazzo kitchen

London’s premier terrazzo specialist Diespeker & Co has experienced high levels of interest in one of the latest additions to its range of designs, a strong style-leader that simply cries out to be the centre of attention.

Statement terrazzo TE081 has a cream base with sizeable chunks of marble in dominant colours including greens, oranges and ochre, and smaller chippings in white, yellow and pink. As one of the more striking terrazzo designs in the range, it is ideal for clients who want to add pizazz to their home. It is a superb choice for kitchen countertops.

Such a strong look works well within a neutral interior design, so it is best teamed up with organic wall and floor colours, and paler types of wood. The strong colours can be reflected and accentuated in accessories, such as lighting fixtures and vases.

To ensure the look is sleek and beautiful, Diespeker can also provide matching side panels for kitchen islands as well as splashbacks for a sink area. Additional features to give extra flair such as a matching terrazzo windowsill or terrazzo handles for drawers are all easily achievable.

In a kitchen environment, practical details are as important as aesthetics. As Diespeker has its own factory in London complete with the latest in Italian equipment, considerations such as precision cutting for hobs and grooves for water drainage are all part of the service.

Suitable for both commercial and residential projects, TE081 is available from Diespeker’s Standard range. It’s a resin based terrazzo available in 12, 20 and 30mm thickness. For those preferring a more traditional looking terrazzo, Diespeker has recently added a similar design in cement, TE084.  And for fans of polar opposites, TE081B offers the same design in a black base.

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