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Sydney’s Top Trends – April

With bespoke terrazzo, we sometimes find that one colour suddenly becomes really popular, for no particular reason that we can fathom!

This Spring is a good example, as our bespoke team has been creating lots of samples based around blues.

As everyone knows, the term blue lots of different shades and tones, which is reflected in the requests we’ve received. Several residential clients have asked us to create bespoke resin terrazzo for flooring and countertops in turquoise and a pale teal, both with blue-green tones.

The requested samples used small chippings of a minimal size. To me the terrazzo has a very fresh, contemporary feel – I’d say it’s even a little edgy! The finished projects are going to look stunning.

Next up, for a commercial client, we’ve been designing a resin terrazzo based on a darker blue. This bespoke navy resin terrazzo includes white pebbles, giving a really unique appearance. This particular terrazzo will be used for tabletops, which I can see working really well to give an eye-catching, upmarket finish.

The assorted bespoke blue samples

Getting the perfect shade of navy

The final bespoke blue of the month has, in fact, been in development for four years! It’s based on semi- precious lapis lazuli, a vibrant blue natural stone. We were originally approached about creating a lapis lazuli terrazzo in 2017, when we produced the original sample.

The project went quiet, as they sometimes do, but has now been revived. After finding a source for the stone in central Asia, the terrazzo is underway. Its end-use is for floors and partial walls and it will look stunning, we have no doubt.

So that’s it from me and the blues! It will be interesting to see what colour tops the bill next time round.

All the best for now, Sydney

The sample (pre-polish)

Larger chunks of Lapis Lazuli

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