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Autumn is most definitely here! Who’s given in to putting the heating on already?

We’re keeping warm and busy at Diespeker with lots of bespoke work to keep us on our toes. There have been many fantastic and enjoyable projects here over the past few months and the creativity never stops – in fact, we’ve just had delivery of some snazzy new pigments giving even more options to clients wanting something a bit different (more on that later).

We were delighted to undertake our second ‘glow in the dark’ kitchen worktop and island. While in the daytime the terrazzo looks like a normal surface, when darkness falls it comes into its own! We imported these special chippings several years ago thinking they would be a good option for nightclubs or around swimming pools. But they really do bring something new to worktops! We do like working with clients who have a vision.

Another bespoke worktop is reminiscent of one of our favourite all time projects for designers Witlof at Durand Gardens, a nougat-like terrazzo design that is still a real eye-catcher.

This new terrazzo has a different blend of colours, using reds rather than oranges, and contrasting dark greys and greens. It’s equally stunning.


A worktop and island for a client in Nottingham combines a neutral base similar to TE001 with sharply juxtaposing chunks of crushed glass in bright primary colours.

The blue, red and ochre yellow chunks create the focal point in this inspired terrazzo which will no doubt be a talking point in the client’s kitchen.

Our bespoke team is always keen to experiment with designs and materials for bespoke terrazzo and always enjoy playing around with new options.

This has recently been inspired by the arrival of some new pigments, seen used in the samples on the right, and is giving the team the opportunity to get a little flamboyant with colour.

If you have ideas for your own designs then remember we will work closely with you to bring your ideas to reality. And there is always something inspiring to be seen in our bespoke area. If you’re interested in having a look around, please get in touch with our sales team:

If you do come in, don’t forget to say hello! Take care and catch up in a few months.


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