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Tables for the Royal Academy of Arts

Creating tables and countertops for the Royal Academy Café called for interesting material combinations and careful attention to detail from the Diespeker team.

Diespeker was delighted to have the chance to work on the refurbishment project with Lot Studio designer Charlotte McCarthy again. Previously, Diespeker created terrazzo plinths and steps for Circus restaurant in Covent Garden, which she designed for Tom Dixon. Working with Charlotte on the project was Ben Masterton-Smith of Transit Studio.

The pair were keen to echo the colours and hues of historical murals on the walls, with orange and green much in evidence.

Charlotte knew what she wanted and felt that Diespeker’s skills experienced at Circus were the perfect fit for the job. Six custom-made tables were required, made to the supplied template. These used a combination of different materials, including 20mm standard orange terrazzo TE028 and conglomerates CG003 (brown/pink) and CG014 (grey/white).

Diespeker provided a complete service for the production of the tables, which required a special metal framework to enable them to be self-supporting. A local metal specialist, who Diespeker has now collaborated with on several projects, made up the framework.

Three of the distinctive tables are made from a single material, and the other three feature striking geometric designs combining three materials; two conglomerates and a terrazzo.

Diespeker also made three bar counters in conglomerate CG006, a dramatic dark green finish. The counters required complex triple bullnose edges, and one was cut to produce a soft, curved end. Further counters including a tray counter were produced in green again, this time standard terrazzo TE030.

The overall effect of the finished café gives a lively, playful environment for visitors to the RA to enjoy coffee, snacks and lunches.

The contractors for the refurbishment project were Cardinal.

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