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Terrazzo countertop gives charity shop an edge

A forward-thinking Community Interest Company (CIC) in Palmers Green has invested in a fabulous Diespeker countertop that certainly adds style to their curated charity shop.

Philanthropy London took over the capacious shop (which was previously Boots Opticians) and gave it a total refit. But rather than plump for a standard wooden countertop, they decided to go upmarket with a smart terrazzo option.

Director Phil Barnes looked around for a supplier and came across Diespeker who he felt stood out as a great source with a good selection. Even better, on learning that the shop was a community initiative, Diespeker provided a charitable discount. The terrazzo is one of our own favourites, TE007. Fortuitously it matched really well with the existing vinyl floor, a white tile with speckles.

Phil says it makes a real centrepiece for the shop. “It’s the first terrazzo countertop in Palmers Green!”

Philanthropy London is a charity shop with a difference in more ways than its stylish counter! The shop is curated by Esther Phelpotts who is known for bringing flair and style to charity shops. Everything in Philanthropy London is extremely desirable. The shop sells on-trend adult clothing plus homeware and upcycled furniture.”

Phil says “It’s a destination shop; rather than visiting lots of charity shops clustered in one high street, here everything is in one, large shop.”

Philanthropy London aims to provide adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues the chance to earn a wage by working at the shop. This could be any number of tasks they are able and willing to perform – and these task-based positions will be paid at the Real London Living Wage.

If you have any suitable donations or you are looking for some bargains for yourself, the shop can be found at 248 Green Lane, Palmers Green, London N13  5TU. Don’t forget to admire the terrazzo when you visit.

Instagram: @philanthropylondon

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