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Terrazzo in the modern kitchen

Diespeker’s expertise with terrazzo offers limitless opportunities for kitchen design.

While marble and granite have long been the material of choice for luxury kitchens, designers with an eye for exclusivity are turning to terrazzo for inspiration.

Terrazzo provides a superb alternative for flooring, countertops, islands and accessories. There are two main types of terrazzo, cement based and resin (epoxy) based. Either can be used in the kitchen, but both must be sealed to ensure water resistance. Both types are available as tiles, moulded pieces or in liquid form to be poured for a seamless floor.

Diespeker’s clients can choose from the company’s cement terrazzo range in standard or standard plus, which offers a multitude of colourways. The resin collection offers a vibrant choice, and it’s useful to remember that resin is more resistant to staining. For the best of both worlds, Diespeker can match designs from the cement range in resin giving a superbly harmonious combination.

Alternatively, clients can opt for a totally bespoke design. Bespoke terrazzo production in Diespeker’s workshops combines time-honoured techniques with the very best modern methodology. And whilst marble offcuts remain the most popular addition, some clients choose semi-precious stones, coloured glass and metallics. In fact, the choice is almost limitless – although some materials are better suited than others.

Flooring: Providing a luxurious look for any kitchen, terrazzo flooring can be a subtle mix to enable easy accessorising, or a strong, distinctive design that is a feature in its own right. For a white kitchen, a warm terrazzo mix will remove any sensation of the clinical, whilst a lighter terrazzo will lift a dark wooden kitchen. Key tones from the kitchen design can be echoed in a bespoke terrazzo mix. Whether used in tile form or poured, terrazzo is a great conductor of heat, so it is a perfect choice to pair with underfloor heating.

Countertops and islands: Diespeker has many years of experience making beautiful terrazzo countertops for residential and commercial use and has been responsible for pushing the boundaries in countertop design. This includes extra-long countertops of over four metres in length made by hand in the Diespeker workshops, and innovations with curved terrazzo to create a graceful cladding finish for a rounded countertop.

Accessories: Diespeker has collaborated with furniture designers for statement pieces in terrazzo, including tables and benches. It can also produce bespoke items in-house, such as trays and coasters or terrazzo handles to complement the kitchen design.

A recent Diespeker residential project in Wimbledon utilised a standard terrazzo TE007 (nicknamed the ‘Bond’ terrazzo) tiles for flooring from the hallway into the kitchen, and outside on the patio area. A black granite island and worktop introduced a stark contrast, with the highly polished finish reflecting the speckled terrazzo. Terrazzo skirting and two terrazzo covered steps served to create a unified look for the floor area.


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