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The countertop that goes on… and on!

Never one to turn down a challenge, Diespeker recently made the longest single-piece bespoke resin based terrazzo countertop to date. The 4-metre countertop was made by hand in the Diespeker workshops in South East London. It was designed to match cement based terrazzo from our standard range.

To ensure the extra-long countertop was viable, our specialist team researched and sourced a honeycomb lightweight aluminium backing panel – the first time we have used this method. Finally, the countertop was cast in our bespoke terrazzo workshop and bonded to the lightweight aluminium sheeting.

This is the first countertop we have made using this technique that exceeds 3-metres in length. Such a length is not generally available in natural stone or man-made stone, and we are thrilled with the result.

For the second part of the project, a kitchen island, the client selected marble from the hundreds of slabs kept in the yard, opting for a totally bespoke, multi-coloured mix featuring a light blue marble which, along with orange glass, was sourced from our supplier in the US. The mix was mostly crushed on site using our recently-acquired crushing machine (Jaws!).

The extra-long kitchen top and an island unit cost £5,500.

Diespeker MD John Krause, said: “This was a challenging specification and the four-metre countertop heralded a new product offering for Diespeker. I was really pleased with the end result, all credit to the team.

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