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Vote for Diespeker to win Tomorrow’s Tile and Stone Awards 2021!

As a finalist in the Tomorrow’s Tile & Stone Awards 2021, we need your help to become one of the winners.

Our nominated projected is a stunning, large-chunk Palladiana countertop created for Soho restaurant, Kolamba. Palladiana has become a very popular design choice over the past year or two and we’ve carried out many varied projects using this very distinct style of bespoke terrazzo.

Making Palladiana terrazzo is literally a hands-on experience – as the oversized chunks of marble, granite or even other terrazzos are placed by hand before the mix is added. This is carried out in the factory for countertops and tiles, and onsite for poured floors. For some projects, we have encouraged clients to get involved in the process, making the terrazzo very personal to them.


Diespeker’s bespoke team thoroughly enjoys experimenting with different ideas and effects to create unusual and eye-catching design ideas, making up numerous samples to show clients what’s possible. Sometimes subtle, sometimes showy but always beautiful, creative options are almost endless.

Harking back to Ancient Rome but bang up to date for contemporary projects, Palladiana has proved to be a real winner. We hope you think so too, and we’d be delighted if you would take a moment to cast a vote for Diespeker.

We’re very proud to be finalists and of course we would love to add another award to our trophy shelf. Please cast your vote for Diespeker and Palladiana terrazzo by clicking on this link. Thank you in advance!


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