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Trending Terrazzo with Kelly December

We’ve had Halloween…. Bonfire Night…. Now we’re into December and we all know what’s coming next!

The darker nights may have been having an impact on the mood of some of our residential clients, as there has been a rise in interest in some of our darker terrazzo designs. TE012 is a lovely dark grey terrazzo with even darker chippings. It’s cement based, as is TE024, a blacker design with smaller chippings.

Also cement is TE023 another dark grey base with an interesting mix of darker chippings and veined white chippings. Cement again, TE093 combines blacks and greys with brown chippings too. On the resin side, TE167 is a classy mix of greys and white.

The great thing about these darker designs is that they go with just about anything! Ideal for flooring or kitchen worktops, you could choose a white interior colour to provide a smart, contemporary contrast, warmer creams and browns to create a cosier feel, or go for a strong colour like bright yellow or blue for a bit of drama!


I’ve also noticed a marked increase in interest in marble, mainly for commercial projects. Now, although we’re well known for terrazzo these days, marble has in fact been the backbone of our company since we started in 1881 (sometime before I was born!), when Diespeker was one of the first to bring marble mosaic to the UK.

Over the years we’ve worked on numerous projects using this beautiful and timeless material, creating stunning floors, cladding, worktops, fireplaces and plinths for commercial and residential clients. There’s something about marble, it is so luxurious, and it lasts and lasts.

White Carrara is timeless, but there are in your face styles too, from the stripes of MA179 Onyx Fantastico, the yellow of MA150 Giallo Siena to the dark reds of MA122 Rosso Levanto. Of course there’s also plenty of choices of black marble, if you’re following the trends!

We’re fortunate to have space to store slabs of marble, and clients are always welcome to visit us and see what’s in stock for immediate delivery, although some marbles will have a longer lead time.

If you’d like samples you can email me at:

We don’t have all materials available as samples, but bear in mind that we may have whole slabs in stock, in which case pop in and see us, and we’ll treat you to a coffee too.

Until next time,


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