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Trending Terrazzo with Kelly- March

This could be one of my favourite times of the year when the days get longer and there’s a definite sense of spring in the air.

Despite the extra daylight, our residential clients are still showing lots of interest in the black terrazzo designs.

TE081B, one of our resin terrazzo designs, never seems to fall out of favour. It’s popular for countertops and splashbacks, but also makes a really good choice for flooring. This is a pretty versatile design, quite striking and with lots of large chunks and different chipping colours making it fun to match when you’re decorating. You can accessorise too, with soft furnishings picking out a range of colours.

Another resin terrazzo TE167 is a more muted mix of greys, blacks and white. It looks a little marble-esque in design and offers a very neutral surface that works well with any colour you like.

I’d probably suggest pairing it with bright and cheerful decor, although you might prefer a more muted look. The choice is yours!

Moving away from the sombre, resin terrazzo TE132 mixes it up a bit with creams, white, grey, green, black and a smattering of red.

While still pretty neutral, it’s the red that really stands out and gives this terrazzo a bit of extra character. I’m not sure I’d use the red for wall colour, but you might be bold.

If you’re thinking about getting new tiles for floors and fancy upping the ante, keep an eye out on our website for news of a special Spring sale of some great terrazzo designs, where you might pick up some of our Standard Plus range at Standard tile prices.

In the meantime, I’m here to organise any samples you would like to look at. Check out the website and browse what’s on offer. If you’d like any suggestions please feel free to email me at:

I always think you can’t beat seeing the products up close, so call the office on 020 7358 0160 to make an appointment – we’re open all week, and our MD John is usually around at the weekends keen to show off our amazing range of products!


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