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Trending Terrazzo with Kelly – March

“It’s been a whole year since the country locked down, can you believe it? Over the last 12 months we’ve made great headway streamlining our processes.

Anyone who has ordered samples from Diespeker knows that now, once you’ve placed your sample order, these now sent out within a couple of days. Just like magic!

In fact, your orders are looked after by yours truly and my mission is to make sure you receive your samples quickly so you can decide which amazing terrazzo suits your design ideas best.

So, what’s been popular on the terrazzo sample front during the first quarter of 2021?

Hugely on-trend is TE081 – and we understand why. This statement terrazzo is very versatile, because while it’s a ‘big chunk’ design it also has a fairly neutral base. Totally perfect for kitchen countertops – pick out your wall colour from the terrazzo design for a harmonized look.

TE084 A, B and C have also proved fashionable. Using a similar colour scheme as TE081, the chunks this time are smaller chippings. A and B are cement so ideal for flooring inside and out, with C a resin version, again ideal for countertops.

Another design to look out for is TE114, not unlike TE084 in terms of colours, but with a character all its own.

From our newer terrazzo – exclusive to Diespeker – TE125 and TE126 have caught the imagination of many clients. 125 has a dark grey base, and 126 a white base. Both are vibrant, unusual and intriguing – and available in resin. You’ll have to be quick as sometimes supplies go in a flash!

We recently took a large order for 126 for a new restaurant at The Strand. Watch this space for more news of the project.

At Diespeker HQ we’re really proud of the range of terrazzo we have on offer – MD John is always on the lookout for the latest trends and exclusive designs for us to add and the past year has seen a real expansion in our collections. It’s so exciting seeing what’s coming in.

Not forgetting our bespoke terrazzo designs – which are innumerable. Maybe I’ll let our bespoke guru Sydney tell you about that another time.

That’s it from me for the moment, catch up again soon!”

Kelly x

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