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Uber-glamorous new semi-precious terrazzo

We are always on the lookout for those ‘extra special’ surfaces for clients wanting something just a little different and distinctive. Fans of Diespeker know that our range already offers an impressive choice, from our standard terrazzo through to exclusive, luxury designs. But there’s always room for more!

The latest addition to the Diespeker collection is a stunning terrazzo created from semi-precious Khel stone, which is a type of agate. These are extravagant, sumptuous surfaces, offering oodles of opulence for high-end projects. We think they’re perfect for fabulous floors, eye-catching cladding, backlit feature walls, spectacular kitchen splashbacks – and potentially a very unusual concept to consider for an exquisite worktop.

To start with we are offering just four colours, with three eye-popping choices – vibrant purple, dazzling yellow, vivid pink along with a more subtle but equally striking option with more natural tones.

This new agate terrazzo is currently available to be ordered as samples. For confirmed projects, the material will be made up to order. It’s worth noting that as well as being a striking design conception, as a surface it is also durable and resistant to scratches.

So, if you are looking for a surface that oozes lavishness and affluence that comes with Diespeker’s renowned flair for detail and finishing, order your sample by contacting our sales team. And should you need further inspiration, take a look at the possibilities!

If you’re interested in ordering a sample of our luxury agate range please fill out the form below and a member of our sales team will get back to you. Please note that bespoke samples come at a cost of approximately £50.

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