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Triple addition to Living range

When we launched the Diespeker Living range in July, we promised that there would be new products coming online as we expanded our own designs in-house.

We’ve been true to our word and are delighted to announce the addition of three superb new items suitable for the home or commercial premises.

The first is a stunning large, black terrazzo table with intricate metal legs. Perfect for a dining room table or a statement piece in the boardroom, this features one of our newer terrazzo designs, the striking TE081B, which combines green, orange and yellow chippings in a deep black base.

The same terrazzo features on a much smaller scale with a beautifully understated plywood side table. Based on an original design by Marte Brauter, these tables are handmade at Diespeker. Although it is a perfectly sized side table, this is sturdy enough to also be used as a stool.

For a funky side table option, our black metal hairpin-style leg table with TE069 terrazzo offers an unusual design using densely packed black chippings in a brown base. Place three or four around a lounge, office or reception area to create an intriguing talking point.

The entire Diespeker Living range is made-to-order, so if you see another terrazzo on our main website that you think would suit your own design parameters better, just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

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