Marble & Terrazzo Stockists

Diespeker is committed to researching areas of the business to see where sustainable and environmental initiatives can be implemented. This includes material sourcing, manufacturing processes and ensuring durability through care, maintenance and recycling.

Our core business is natural stone and terrazzo, materials that have survived intact in many ancient locations around the world. Indeed, marble work carried out by Diespeker from as early as the 1890s is very much in evidence at the National Portrait Gallery, with Diespeker’s terrazzo flooring installed in the 1930s and beyond still in use in hospitals, county offices and universities across the UK.

Unlike many suppliers of natural stone and terrazzo, Diespeker, as well as having in-house factory and workshop facilities, is also a stockist of these materials.

We have three sizeable depots, two in London and one in Italy, where we keep good levels of stone and terrazzo enabling us to offer fast turnaround times.

While delivery from suppliers in Italy can take four to eight weeks to reach the UK, with further delays during extended Italian summer holidays, Diespeker is able to fulfil many orders through stocked materials within one to two weeks, depending on specification.

Although we can’t keep stocks of our entire range as it is exceptionally extensive, we can store a good number of slabs and tiles on site at the Bermondsey factory yard, at the second London depot and at our Italian site ready for shipping.

Our usual level of terrazzo stock is around 2,000 slabs encompassing 40 different terrazzo designs plus a variety of tiles. For larger projects needing a fast turnaround we maintain plentiful stocks of some of our most popular designs including TE007, TE081 and TE081B.

Stocks of our latest exclusive range of terrazzo TE109 to TE118 are kept at around 50sqm each and there is also good availability for limited edition terrazzo TE106 to TE108. *

As well as terrazzo stocks we always have a good choice of marble, granite and conglomerate, as well as high levels of stock of SQ020, the quartz equivalent of white terrazzo TE001.

We are soon to introduce a computerised stock control system to ensure stated stock levels of materials in London and Italy are 100% up to date here on the website.

* NB stock levels quoted above are correct at April 2020



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