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Bespoke terrazzo

Diespeker has been working with terrazzo since the company was founded in 1881. The material became very popular in England in the mass of post-war building projects as a cost effective alternative to materials such as marble and granite.

More recently, terrazzo has enjoyed something of a revival, due to its resilience, easy maintenance and design qualities, as well as the need to refurbish and repair old terrazzo flooring and tiles.

Diespeker terrazzo can be bespokely made to virtually any specification. Terrazzo is composed of marble chippings and cement, ground to a fine finish. It is extremely durable and presents an ideal option for heavy use.

Terrazzo is available from a wide range of standard colours or we can create a unique, bespoke terrazzo composition to your specification using traditional hand-casting methods.

To ensure we get the very best bespoke results, Diespeker still uses traditional hand-casting skills to create terrazzo designs. Our craftsman Andy Brady says the hand casting process has not changed since he started in the trade almost thirty years ago. The hand cast terrazzo process is labour intensive and requires close attention throughout the whole process, following by an intense polishing when the material comes into its own.

The true allure of hand cast terrazzo is the way is can be used to produce truly unique designs. There are thousands of possible colour combinations to create and special additions to the mixture will produce a truly exclusive product. An ecological park required Diespeker to incorporate recycled washers, screws and toothbrushes, resulting in a stunning bespoke floor that encapsulated recycling. An emerging trend within the high-end, luxury market that we’re currently experimenting with is the incorporation of semi-precious stones to the mix.

Click here to take a look at the bespoke samples available for order

Please note that bespoke terrazzo samples are not available to order free of charge

Due to their bespoke nature, these samples are made to order and there is a lead time of around 2 weeks. Each sample requires a deposit payment (£80) which is refunded if the project proceeds.

The below images are examples of what can be achieved. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Recent bespoke terrazzo projects

Palladiana terrazzo flooring and table tops for Park Lane Hilton

Bespoke terrazzo table, Chelsea Flower Show 2023

Subterranean Agate Pool Room

The Wingate

V&A X Wedgwood bespoke cladding

Marble and terrazzo mix in this residential kitchen

Francesca Anfossi bespoke terrazzo kitchen


Clockwise Wood Green

Our bespoke terrazzo samples


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