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There are so many people involved with helping Diespeker run a successful and thriving business. You can find out more information about some of the key team members below.

General management

Managing Director & Estimator

John Krause

John started out with Diespeker working part-time through school and university at the tender age of 17 in what was very much a family business. John’s father bought Diespeker in the 1970s, and his brother and sister also worked at the company. After he graduated, John started full-time work estimating and project management. He then went on to become joint MD with his brother before becoming sole MD around 8 years’ ago.

John is very much a hands-on MD, overseeing sales, estimating, accounts and projects. Passionate and driven, with a real love of natural stone and terrazzo, John has invested time, energy and creativity into creating the business into the success it is today.

When he has the chance, John travels the world to take part in marathons; to date he has run 169 marathons and participated in five Iron Man events; he has represented GB in his age group four times in duathlons, half and full Iron Man events. John is committed to ‘going the extra mile’ not only in running but also in charitable giving. He has supported many good causes including being headline supporter for stem4, teenage mental health charity which is close to his heart not only because he is the father of four but also because it is founded by his wife, Nihara.

Best part of the job? “Joining the dots of a complex business and knowing that it is all working really well.”

Administration and Accounts Manager

Nick Vrzina

Before joining Diespeker, Nick worked for MD John Krause’s wife Dr Nihara Krause in the private healthcare sector. She suggested he apply to Diespeker and he joined part-time in April 2015, moving to full-time just four months later. Nick’s role encompasses a variety of tasks, from managing staff holidays, HR and H&S to accounting and admin.

For Nick, downtime means pursuing his interest in history, social and economic affairs, and enjoying long walks in the countryside. He’s walked in different areas of the UK, with recent jaunts including Lands’ End, Dover and Berkhamsted.

Best part of the job? “I really enjoy managing people - or as I call it, dealing with the rascals and reprobates at Diespeker!”

Senior Sales manager

Sydney Robertson

Sydney joined the team in March 2015 and spends most of his time focusing on clients' bespoke projects, project management and sales. Having risen through the ranks over the last few years, Sydney now helps to manage Diespeker's overall sales function, ensuring that each and every customer is looked after in the Diespeker way.

Sydney is a massive fan of the arts and in particular the theatre. He also enjoys travelling and says his favourite place to visit is Scotland, where he has relatives.

Best part of the job? “Working as part of a team, dealing with clients and seeing bespoke ideas turn into reality.”

Sales, estimating and accounts support

Sales Administrator

Karina Carter

Fresh out of college where she studied Business Studies, Karina started at Diespeker in November 2017. Her main role is overseeing quotes: taking initial enquiries, putting together prices and sending the quote to clients. While her colleague has been on maternity leave, Karina has taken on additional tasks including assigning job numbers, ordering materials and giving information to Bruno for templating as well as drafting invoices.

Karina is a home bird and enjoys spending her spare time watching television programmes and being active on social media.

Best part of the job? “I really enjoy talking to clients, finding out what they want for their project and ensuring that they receive the best quote we can give them.”

Business Development Manager

Diego Bonamin

Although Diego studied mechanics, he never worked in this role, but instead became a stonemason when he was just 19. Diego worked for a stone company for 17 years, becoming senior procurer and quality controller. He went on to work for several other businesses before joining Diespeker in June 2019.

Much of his role at the company involves following up quotes and estimates put forward to clients by John and Karina. Diego checks that the client is happy with the quote and timescales. The other part of his job is to accompany visitors to the showroom and factory. He says he enjoys both roles equally, but particularly likes meeting with clients, chatting with them and showing them around.

Outside of work, Diego is a family man spending time with his wife and son. When he joined Diespeker he became caught up in the cycling craze, buying a professional bike which he uses to travel around London and discover hidden away places difficult to reach by public transport or car.

Junior Estimator

Maisie Nicholls

Maisie joined Diespeker in the summer of 2022, having previously worked in various roles including in a nursery and as a legal assistant in a law firm where she gained valuable organisation and administrative skills that are put to good use at Diespeker.

Maisie works closely alongside Rosy-May in the sales team, helping to ensure that the hundreds of quote requests we receive each month are fulfilled.

Away from work, when she's not going to Justin Bieber concerts (of whom she's a big fan) Maisie likes spending time with her friends and family.

Best part of the job? "I love learning new skills whilst developing my existing ones, all the while learning about some really cool and interesting products."

Sales Adviser

Ahmed Bougrinat

Ahmed joined the team in January 2023 in the role of Sales Advisor. His five years’ previous experience working in luxury interior design, which he also studied at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, is a useful addition to our skillset.

He handles many of Diespeker’s sales enquiries, particularly for the residential sector, providing valuable assistance for clients on every aspect of their project.

Outside of work, Ahmed enjoys watching and playing football, cooking, and reading about art and history.

Best part of the job? “I am really passionate about sustainable design, so I particularly enjoy working with some of our more environmentally conscious products. I’m a people person, so I also love building and developing relationships with our clients.”

Junior Estimator

Jamie Batt

Jamie takes responsibility for the delivery of Diespeker’s most fragile pieces, making sure they get from A to B intact - and on time. He drives hundreds of miles each week, making around 25 deliveries and helping to keep Diespeker’s operations running smoothly.

Outside work, Jamie is a big Millwall FC fan. The club’s stadium, The Den, is just a stone’s throw from Diespeker HQ. Most Saturdays during the football season you will find Jamie here with his friends and family, cheering on The Lions.

Samples and logistics team

Head of Samples and Logistics Manager

Kelly Rintoul

Kelly had a varied career before joining Diespeker in February 2020. Her previous roles included working as a carer, being a clothing supervisor in a Nutmeg concession at Morrisons, along with her time spent at Franks restaurant, where she met Lilly who recommended her to Diespeker. Kelly was looking for a new challenge and the opportunity at Diespeker fit the bill perfectly.

In her broad role, Kelly is responsible for all sample requests that come in to Diespeker by email, phone or via the website ordering system. She oversees the processing of all the orders, including liaising with the factory to get samples cut and overseeing their rapid distribution to clients. Alongside this, Kelly also organises Diespeker’s logistics, making sure deliveries come and go on time and ensuring operations run smoothly.

Operations team

Operations Manager

Bruno Dias

Bruno’s brother-in-law worked at Diespeker, which led to him joining the team in 2007. As Ops Manager Bruno oversees each project from the start, visiting clients, undertaking surveys if required, creating sketches then seeing it through production, organising installations and dealing with any issues arising along the way. He works on all sizes of project, from small domestic to huge industrial undertakings.

A dedicated family man, Bruno spends his free time with his wife and two children, visiting the cinema, parks and going away on family holidays.

Best part of the job? “The whole process – from the start when we go to site and the client hasn’t got a clear idea so we give advice and suggestions, to the moment they see the final result and we know they’re happy.”


David Batt

David came to Diespeker initially when he was just 16. His uncle worked for Diespeker and David took a summer job while he was at college studying IT. He was kept busy tidying the yard and helping out, and eventually took a full-time position. He worked on the CNC machine, the saw and undertook jennying work so has a really good understanding of all the factory processes. And as part of the factory team, he still gets involved on a practical level as well as overseeing jobs, handing out the work, ensuring schedules are met and sorting out any issues.

You’ll find David playing golf at the weekends with his mates at different courses around Kent, and he also enjoys running.

Best part of the job? “I love taking pride in the work and the chance to get involved with some really nice jobs - it’s really nice to see happy clients. Being part of a hardworking team is really rewarding too.”

Bespoke Terrazzo Specialist

Andy Brady

Andy is central to Diespeker’s reputation for bespoke terrazzo. He joined in 1992, basically because his mum worked at Diespeker. From the start he worked in the ‘green hut’, the bespoke area at the factory, with the experts - Ron, Arthur and Kenny who had been making bespoke materials for 30 years. Andy learnt his skills from them, and the processes remain very much the same today. As head of the bespoke team, Andy often goes out on site especially for restoration which has included a 1930s Art Deco entrance and an 1860s surface. There’s a lot of problem solving involved in this type of work.

When work finishes on Friday, Andy enjoys a good bit of banter with the team onsite – they often have a drink and BBQ. Andy says the teamworking and socialising goes hand in hand.

Best part of the job? “Every day is different. One day we’re working on countertops, another it will be flooring. Sometimes we’re producing brand new terrazzo, other times old terrazzo that needs to be repaired.

Project Manager

Jose Soares

Jose joined Diespeker in 2015 having previously been involved in a number of large scale terrazzo flooring projects including airports, supermarkets and metro stations across Spain, France, Germany and Dubai. His detailed knowledge of the epoxy resin flooring market is almost unrivalled and his unique expertise in application methods for complex products is invaluable to Diespeker.

As Project Manager, Jose ensures the smooth delivery of the company’s flooring projects, particularly our more intricate commercial jobs.

Away from Diespeker, Jose enjoys cycling, cross country running, walking in the mountains and spending time with his friends and family.

Best part of the job? “It has to be when we do the final polish on a new floor and you can see the end product, with its vivid colours, really come to life. It makes me enormously happy and proud, particularly when what can seem to be such a simple process on the surface is generally rather challenging to execute.

Assistant Operations Manager

Sonny Vitanov

Around 15 years ago, Sonny changed the direction his career was taking completely and started working in the stone masonry business. He worked for a number of different companies, learning all the time and growing his experience and professionalism. He joined Diespeker in May 2015.

As Assistant Operations Manager Sonny’s role includes many varied tasks within the whole work process – he says it’s hard to describe everything he does and all the responsibilities he takes. He gets involved in most projects here in the UK as well as overseas, covering residential and commercial, from installing kitchen worktops and reception desks to wall cladding. He is also involved in templating, pendulum floor testing and handling customer enquiries.

Sonny likes the fact that every day starts with a different project to work on. He really enjoys talking with happy clients when a job is finished, as customer satisfaction is his main motivation.

Outside of work Sonny loves to spend time with his friends, particularly when its BBQ weather. And when he gets the chance, he enjoys travelling abroad.

Site management

Warehouse Manager

Jake Scott

Jake joined Diespeker in the summer of 2023. He was previously warehouse manager for an art specialist business, working with high value artwork and delicate pieces – including the golden carriage that Princess Diana once travelled in. When that business relocated to Heathrow Jake decided he wanted to stay local – and we were fortunate to snap him up.

In his day to day work he carries out and supervises a multitude of tasks, from stock inventories, deliveries in and out of the site, forklift work and prepping things for the next day. He’s naturally very tidy and organised and has had a really positive impact on the warehouse organisation. Jake says he enjoys being part of a friendly team made up of different characters, and meeting any day to day challenges.

Environmental Engineer

Lilly Hall

Lilly is one of Diespeker's longest-standing employees, having worked here for the past 12 years. Lilly's main role is ensuring that our company HQ looks spotless on a daily basis. Away from Diespeker, Lilly enjoys spending time with her grandkids and regularly pays visits to her caravan in Essex.
Site Coordinator

Lee Collins

Lee is Diespeker’s chief forklift operator, moving slabs and tiles around so they are in exactly the right place. This is no mean feat! One of Lee’s chief responsibilities is to ensure that our raw slabs make it to the factory to schedule so that clients are able to take delivery of their orders on time.
Building Manager

Rikki Kamenar

Andy, Mitch, David and Bailey

Bespoke Terrazzo team

Our bespoke terrazzo team is responsible for making our clients’ ideas into reality - however unusual or extreme they are. Working with an almost unlimited range of marbles, stones, pebbles and a myriad of other elements that can take a client’s fancy, the team combines these with resin, cement or another binder. Need a curved terrazzo, or an oversized worktop? This is where they excel.

What’s the hardest part of the job? “Turning a vision into reality isn’t usually a straightforward process and requires a lot of experimentation and experience. Getting the right combination and balance of chippings is not always straightforward, but the end result always makes it worth it. You could perhaps compare making bespoke terrazzo to creating a work of art.”

Simon, Patrick, Arthur and Brandon

Machine Operators

Diespeker’s machine operating team takes raw materials, most often marble and terrazzo, and cuts them to size. They use highly specialised, state of the art machines that can cut with pinpoint accuracy and precision down to the millimetre. The team also utilises the latest etching technology to customise products on request, such as engraving a personalised message onto the stone.
Danny, Beefy, Spencer, Joao, Martin and Kleber.

Polishing team

Our experienced polishing team really brings Diespeker’s products to life. Once the slab has been cut to size, the team takes the piece to either polish or hone the finish, soften the edges and put the final finishing touches to the product.

What’s the most rewarding part of the job? “We’re the ones that get to reveal the final beauty of each and every piece made here at Diespeker, so that’s pretty cool. We take the glory for everyone else’s hard work!”

Bruno, Dave, Peter, Victor, Rui, Frank, Keith, Oleg, Germano, Ricardo, Jose and Brandon.

Site team

As the name suggests, the site team spends most of the time out and about on our clients’ premises. Their breadth of work is huge and requires a great deal of skill and expertise from the team. Typical tasks include pouring large commercial flooring, templating and fitting residential kitchens and bathrooms, and generally making sure everything looks perfect and worthy of the Diespeker name.

Marketing and PR team

Account Director

David Fernando

David has many years’ experience in the advertising and publishing sectors, having worked for a variety of London publishing companies and agencies. David founded Terra Ferma Media in 2011 and has worked with Diespeker since 2014.

As Account Director, he is responsible for creative innovation and strategic marketing development, working closely with the account managers. David is the main contact for top level interactions with Diespeker’s senior management team.

David says it is great to work with an ambitious, forward-thinking client who understands the true value of marketing as a business tool.

Senior Account Manager

Lucy Sanderson

Lucy joined the Terra Ferma Media team after completing a degree in English Language and Literature. She has managed Diespeker’s account for 3 years.

Her role is extremely varied, from handling day to day digital marketing, website maintenance and social media to print ads and event management. Lucy works closely with the Diespeker team, frequently visiting the offices, and is the first port of call for liaison with TV production companies.

Best part of the job? “I love the variety of projects that are happening at Diespeker all the time and finding out more about the background to some of them, as well as the chance to work with high profile household brands, TV presenters and social media influencers.”

PR Consultant

Sue Cade

Sue’s extensive background in corporate comms including video production and copywriting led her to specialise in Public Relations. As well as her own portfolio of clients, Sue works with Terra Ferma Media on several client accounts, including Diespeker since 2014.

For Diespeker, Sue researches and writes website news, case studies and press releases, and liaises with journalists, working closely with Senior Account Manager Lucy to keep track of the latest newsworthy projects – of which there are many.

Best part of the job? “I love it when a new project comes my way and I get the chance to create a great story around the creativity and experience of the team. It’s always satisfying to see the Diespeker brand showcased online and in well-known publications such as Elle Decoration and House Beautiful.”

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