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Diespeker & Co is a specialist supplier of natural stone and man-made materials for flooring, tiles, cladding, worktops and treads.

The company was founded by Italian entrepreneur Luigi Oderico in Hamburg in 1881. Luigi expanded the business to London, where Diespeker was one of the first companies to offer terrazzo and mosaic to the UK market, alongside marble, granite and slate.

What we do

We expertly source marble and other stone from the finest suppliers worldwide, with unrivalled European contacts.


Diespeker & Co specialises in the supply and installation of the highest quality materials for a variety of uses.

About us

Diespeker & Co has supplied quality stone and terrazzo to a range of commercial and residential customers for over 100 years.

Introducing Diespeker Fast Track

This major new development means that we have some 3,000 high-quality marble and granite slabs available right now, on site in London. We can immediately supply over 140 diverse types of marble from Travertine Classico and Calacatta to Rosso Francia and Pietra Savigny.

This up-to-date range gives contractors, architects and designers a vastly superior selection to anything we have been able to offer before. Our shorter supply chain means that orders can be fulfilled far more quickly than the normal lead time.

Latest News

  • Hot on the heels of Diespeker’s recent expansion of marble slabs kept onsite in London, the company has announced an additional focus on Greek marble. While current stock includes a number of slabs of Greek marble, Diespeker is working closely with suppliers Acropole Marble to......

  • Diespeker’s expertise with terrazzo offers limitless opportunities for kitchen design. While marble and granite have long been the material of choice for luxury kitchens, designers with an eye for exclusivity are turning to terrazzo for inspiration. Terrazzo provides a superb alternative for flooring, countertops, islands......

  • We were thrilled to hear of an award win for stem4, the charity we support on an ongoing basis. The charity has developed an app called Calm Harm, which helps young people to manage the urge to self harm. The app is available as a......

Visit our showroom!

We’d be delighted to show our Bermondsey showroom where you can see the widest selection of terrazzo, granite and marble samples anywhere in London. Just call us on 020 7358 0160 or complete the form here and we’ll be in touch. We look forward to meeting you!

John Krause, MD