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Diespeker Heritage Project

Exciting news! We are launching a competition as part of a project to locate historical Diespeker projects up and down the United Kingdom.

Diespeker has now been established for over 140 years and with that comes a long and rich history of expert craftsmanship taking place all across the country.

While we’re aware of many historical projects conducted under the company name, lost records and changes of hand mean some of these projects are not known to us.  In the past few years, we’ve had beady-eyed members of the public let us know when they’ve spotted the classic Diespeker signature or read of the company’s involvement in a project.

With that in mind, we’ve now created a new initiative to collect information on as many of these historic products as we can. We are on a mission to find new projects led by Diespeker that we are not yet aware of, and we need your help!

The Diespeker Heritage Project will run for an entire year, those who submit projects will be put in a drawer to win a £100 cash prize each quarter! Please note, while we love any enthusiasm for the Diespeker brand, this prize drawer will only be eligible to those submitting new projects. You can see a list of projects we’re already aware of in the toggle below.

If you’ve found one of our historical projects (and it’s not already on the list below) please submit your findings using the submission form below to enter the prize draw. Thank you and good luck!

Historical projects on record

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