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Terrazzo and granite feature in ongoing projects for WeWork

Diespeker & Co is proud of our ongoing relationship with workspace provider, WeWork. Starting in the UK with an initial location in South Bank, WeWork now has over 40 locations in the UK, in London and Manchester. WeWork provides an affordable office space option for businesses, particularly start-ups and young businesses; desk space starts from around £240 and a private office space from £700, depending on property and location.

Diespeker provides a variety of products to WeWork, including reception desks, kitchen and pantry countertops and bar surfaces. Each location is different and calls for different materials from our wide range.

In the past months we have completed projects for WeWork with Denne Joinery at One Poultry, featuring bespoke terrazzo countertops and Old Street Provost and East, which used TE007 from our standard terrazzo range.

Work has finished on 10 Devonshire Square, London with Aldworth, James & Bond. Where 8 Devonshire Square was granite, number 10 is bespoke terrazzo. This new location is centrally located, and has 10 floors of collaborative workspaces, private offices and conference rooms. Like other WeWork locations, the building is dog-friendly and has a games room and a wellness room – very much the zeitgeist. WeWork’s Old Street offices, The Bower, required 13 various units in TE018. Coming up next is Shaftesbury Avenue with units from our standard plus terrazzo range.

With TSK Group, we have been working on Buckingham Palace Road, which is opening soon. For this, Diespeker has created 7 bespoke made terrazzo countertops for pantries, a mother’s room and the bar, plus 70 sq ft of flooring.

Over the Channel in Paris, Diespeker has recently finished a project for WeWork in the Champs Elysee working for French joinery business, Viana Menuiseres. This is our second project in Paris and encompasses 13 counters and 8 tables in TE022.


  • Number One Poultry: Standard plus terrazzo made up in resin to meet deadlines
  • Old Street: Standard terrazzo TE007
  • Number 10 Devonshire Square: Bespoke terrazzo
  • Aviation House: 13 countertops in resin based terrazzo and 9 in Kashmir White granite GR054
  • Stamford Street: Granite Luna Pearl GR11 and Rosa Porrihno GR25
  • The Bower: 14 units in terrazzo TE018
  • Buckingham Palace Road: 7 bespoke terrazzo counters plus flooring
  • Champs Elysee: 13 counters, 8 tables in TE022
  • Shaftesbury Avenue: Standard plus terrazzo

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