Resin terrazzo

Please note: resin based terrazzo samples require a £50+VAT deposit per 300×300 tile, which will be fully refunded when the project goes through. Due to the bespoke nature of resin samples we do not have a large number in stock. We will contact you if the sample you have requested is unavailable.

Resin based terrazzo consists of a mix of inert granite aggregates and water-based polyurethane resin. The product offers a seamless finish that is not prone to cracking or crazing, making it a more durable option to our standard terrazzo range. While resin terrazzo is a relatively expensive flooring option specified for the high-end, prestigious end of the flooring market, the additional cost is balanced by the durability of the surface and easy-to-clean finish. With correct maintenance the material should last well in excess of 25 years. Resin based terrazzo has significant differences to standard terrazzo as it allows more movement, is less prone to cracking, resists stains and is exceptionally durable.