stem4 is a charity founded in 2011 with the aim of preventing mental health issues in schools. It tackles the four main areas: eating disorders, depression and anxiety, self-harm and addiction. These areas are identified as key risk mental health conditions for young people. Seeing as the prevalence of a diagnosable mental health conditions in young people is 1 in 10, it is important to tackle this issue early, in order to best protect mental wellbeing in adulthood. stem4 intervenes through education, endeavours and encouragement.

Diespeker offers its full support to this organisation and is proud to be a part of raising awareness for these important issues with the intention that in the future the prevalence of diagnosable mental health conditions will decline. John Krause, Managing Director has completed over 130 marathons, many of which are in aid of stem4. John Krause also organised the Malta Marathon whereby over 30 people took part that raised over £7500. Employee Jose Rego organised a team who raised over £1000 to run the South Downs Marathon. Whilst John also organised two South Downs Marathons raising over £2000. At these events Diespeker has sponsored the runner t-shirts.


If you would like more information about stem4 visit their website on or by emailing