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We believe it’s important to keep clients updated on developments at Diespeker, which illustrate our commitment to continually investing in the business and achieving excellence in our work.

So, although not the most glamorous of updates, we’d like to introduce you to our new CNC saw! What’s CNC? It’s the acronym for Computer Numerical Control, where pre-programmed software controls the movement of factory machinery.

For manufacturing enthusiasts, our new saw has some excellent features: 370 degree head rotation and an automatic tilting head 0 to 90 degree; brushless motors and linear bearings on all axis making it fast and precise; a hydraulic tilting table with a larger than normal table of 3800 x 2250mm to aid vacuum movements and jumbo sized slabs; and a touch screen interface allowing for networking and easy file downloads via USB.

We’re currently carrying out a revamp of the factory set up to facilitate installation of this great new asset. Once it’s in situ, the team will receive immediate training. During installation, current projects are continuing without any disruption, no mean feat!

This is an exciting new development for the factory, one which will really give us the cutting edge in production processes.

You may have already seen this is just one small part of the major refurbishment of our Ormside Street premises over the next couple of years. We’re already using our new storage facility ‘D2’ which means we can keep many more slabs in stock.

Other developments include:

  • Investing in other state-of-the-art machinery
  • General upgrades to the factory to create a more streamlined manufacturing process
  • Expanding the existing building to open up 500sqm of additional space for our offices
  • Adding a new façade for the building based on 1920s Art Deco designs
  • Revamping our showroom to better display our products
  • Building a terrazzo ‘museum’ to present the history of this amazing material

Our MD John Krause is excited about the future. He says, “For over 140 years Diespeker has enjoyed a reputation for excellence when working with all types of stone natural and manmade. With these major steps we are cementing our future as a proud independent London business delivering exceptional projects.”

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