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Art Deco bespoke terrazzo flooring retained in restaurant revamp

Back in 2019, Diespeker created a simply stunning terrazzo floor for restaurant Folie in London’s Golden Square. The geometric terrazzo design by Studio KO combined funky Art Deco with a touch of 1970s glam.

Central to the overall restaurant design, the geometrically shaped sections of terrazzo in ochre, green, pink, navy blue and black separated with brass inlays evoked the essence of the French Riviera. The five colours and shapes were created by Diespeker’s bespoke terrazzo team over a six month period.

Christened by the team as ‘flamboyant’, the gorgeous floor was carefully installed during night-time programmes in order to meet the restaurant’s opening deadline. The interior was described by various review sites as ‘opulent’, ‘retro and sexy’ and having ‘polished glamour’.

Fast forward to 2023, and with hospitality having a hard time, sadly Folie was unable to stay the course. However there was good news for the site, as Leonid Shutov, the entrepreneur behind successful restaurant Bob Bob Ricard, took on the site with the inspired idea of creating a glamorous rotisserie, which he is calling Bébé Bob!

Diespeker has past ties with Bob Bob Ricard, which has been described as ‘dripping in the glamour of the Gatsby era’. In 2014, we were contracted to install conglomerate marble for the restrooms and match an existing bespoke flooring in a new, downstairs dining area.

But what would happen with the flamboyant Folie flooring? Would all that creativity and work go to waste? While we understand that this does happen, it would have been heart-breaking. But we’re delighted to say our hearts haven’t been broken! Images spotted first on Instagram and then on Bébé Bob’s website show that the new design team decided to retain the gorgeous geometric terrazzo floor. There were sighs of relief all round, as so much passion had gone into the original work.

The French connection devised for Folie has also been retained. The menu offers two varieties of rotisserie chicken from two different regions in France, with Paris Brest or Tourteau fromage for dessert.

We wish the very best of luck to this new venture and may well pay a visit to remind ourselves of this fabulous bespoke terrazzo flooring project that lives to see another day!

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