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Diespeker has carried out another first in the world of resin based terrazzo, by bending resin terrazzo panels to fit a curved countertop.

The project

The innovative process was carried out for a countertop for Nandos in Fallowfield, Manchester on a fast-track programme. The client chose a material from our Standard Plus range but the timescale meant that our Italian suppliers couldn’t meet the deadline (our Standard and Standard Plus ranges are manufactured in Italy and transported to our factory for cutting and finishing).

Thinking on their feet, the Diespeker team was able to offer an alternative in resin.

The challenge

The panels had to fit exactly with the curvature of the countertop design. Using cement based terrazzo would only require a cast for a perfect fit. However, for the resin alternative, Diespeker had to work out how to bend the terrazzo without breaking it.

The process

The client’s choice of material was Standard Plus design TE068. To match it in resin, the team had to source green pebbles. The pebbles were up to 30mm thickness, too thick for the bending to be successful. So Diespeker cast the panels at 40mm, then milled the material to 15mm ready to bend.

The resin panels were delivered on site, and the curving carried out there. The panels were heated slowly until the resin softened, they were then bent to follow the curvature of the countertop.

The finished item is a striking counter that not only looks good, but offers a durable, easily maintained surface for a busy restaurant environment.

Tables to match

For the same job, Diespeker created large table tops to match, including one 1600mm diameter table. This was another breakthrough in the use of resin, as cement based terrazzo is limited to 1200mm width.

Resin in Aylesford

Diespeker also supplied a 30m² resin based floor for Nandos Aylesford, which also required quick thinking. This was again a fast track project with the client requesting a cement based terrazzo from the Standard Plus range, not available in the given timeframe. The Diespeker team rethought the project in resin terrazzo, meaning not only was Diespeker able to meet the client schedule but also provide a seamless floor, a cleaner surface that is easier to maintain.


This Diespeker team was able to successfully respond and complete the jobs on time on both occasions due to investment in machinery and equipment at the South London factory.

Towards the end of 2016, the company purchased a crushing machine. This means that a greater variety of marble, granite and other stone off cuts – all available from Diespeker’s factory yard – can now be crushed to the right size on site for bespoke terrazzo.

The crusher enables Diespeker to offer improved terrazzo matching capabilities and the opportunity to recreate its own cement based terrazzo range in resin, as illustrated in the recent work for Nandos.

Diespeker also invested in a floor grinding machine so the installation team can complete any flooring work more quickly.

Architects: Moreno Masey

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