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Bespoke terrazzo for Dubai venue

Diespeker has created bespoke terrazzo counters for a new venue in Dubai.

Seafood restaurant The Atlantic originated in Melbourne, and has recently been franchised to Solutions Leisure for a waterfront venue in Souk al Bahar in Dubai.

The design brief called for a slightly industrial look, and Diespeker was commissioned to create a bespoke green resin based terrazzo, using black marble chippings in a green cement base. The project comprised a bar counter, cladding/counter front and kick bar.

Design Group Eleven from the Netherlands, commissioned the piece from Diespeker after becoming aware of the bespoke work we carried out for the Gelupo ice cream parlour in Vico, Cambridge Circus in London.

They struggled to source similar skills in Dubai and we are delighted to say that Diespeker happily obliged. The countertop was pre-cast in our factory and transported from the UK to Dubai for installation on site.


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