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Bungee man Krause

It should be crystal clear by now that Diespeker’s Managing Director, John Krause, is a bit of a thrill seeker. John visited New Zealand to compete in his 125th marathon (which he finished in 3’36) and, taking it one step further, also decided to do a bungee jump!

The 42 metre drop saw John hurl towards a fast moving stream situated between two pretty huge mountains. No biggie! John says a 65 year old man had jumped minutes before him, so despite his nerves he “had no option” but to jump.

Upon his return to England, we asked John if he’d like to bungee jump again. His response? “Never in a million years”. Don’t worry though, we’re sure he’ll think of something else to get our hearts pumping again… (Skydiving, anyone?).

Watch him in action below – it’s worth it!

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