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Choosing the right terrazzo for you!

We like to make life easy for customers, so we continually check our processes to make sure they are user-friendly.

One thing that was flagged up was the somewhat clunky way the product pages on our website worked when choosing between cement terrazzo and resin terrazzo samples. This was a legacy from the days when we mostly stocked cement.

We’ve now addressed this, so you’ll find that when you’re browsing a selection of our terrazzo products there’s a new ‘Choose an option’ dropdown where you can pick cement or resin where there’s a choice available.

You can find this feature on products TE001, TE007, TE018, TE019 and TE020.

It’s worth mentioning here that in recent years we are more likely to recommend resin for most commercial and residential projects. While cement terrazzo has a natural aesthetic that resin doesn’t quite match, the benefits of resin in terms of weight, resistance to cracking and crazing and flexibility of use can make it a better option. Cement terrazzo is potentially better for outdoor use as it is more resistant to UV rays.

We are always very happy to discuss your project and what you want to achieve to help you choose which is the best option. If possible, a visit to our showroom to see the many materials we keep in stock is highly recommended.

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